Basic Procurement Policy|EARTHTECHNICA CO,LTD

Our basic procurement policy calls for procuring materials that will make it possible to meet quality, cost, and lead time demands of markets, whether domestic or overseas. All purchasing activities must comply with the following requirements.

Fair and equitable trading

Decisions regarding trades shall be made following consideration of all relevant factors, including quality, technology, price, lead times, safety, and suppliers’s business management stability, setting aside nationality, corporate size, or past history with suppliers.

Mutual growth based on cooperation and trust

Our goal is to promote mutual growth based on cooperation and trust and fair trade to create products that meet market needs.

Legal compliance

We comply with all applicable social norms and laws, based on our identity as an ethical, socially responsible company.


Confidential business and technological information acquired as part of procurement process must be managed and stored with rigorous care.

Green procurement and purchasing

Selection of procurement items must reflect consideration of environmental conservation issues.