Manufactured First Equipment of Cement (TUBE MILL).
1939 Manufactured two units of world largest size Gyratory Crushers

1951Technical tie-up with the world largest Crusher manufacturer "Allis Chalmers". 
19661966 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Merges Yokoyama Kogyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of boilers, grinders.Technical tie-up with "Salzgitter Maschinenbau".   
1968Technical tie-up with "Sietechnik".   
1969Yachiyo Plant, Chiba Pref., was found

1970Foundry shop was opend in Yachiyo Works  
1975Cone Crusher Technology was granted to "Salzgitter Maschinenbau".  
1977 Starts of Sales "AUTOFINE" Cone Crusher.
1980 Starts Production of Car Shuredder Dust Recycling Equipment
1981Technical tie-up with "Deutsche Babcock".  
1982 Termination of technical tie-up with Allis Chalmers.
1983  Starts Production of "KVM Type" Vertical Roller Mill targeted on Steel Industries.
19841984 Crushing Machine Technology was granted to HYUNDAI Heavy Industries.  Starts Production of "SUPER"series crushing equipment
1984  Manufuctured OK Roller Mill in cooperation with Onoda Cement Co.,Ltd.and Onoda Engineering and Consulting Co.,Ltd.
1985  1985 Starts Production of VSI "DH Pebras".
1986KAWAJYU YACHIYO ENGINEERING, Ltd. is incorporated Starts Production of "DH Gyratory Crusher".
1986  Starts Sales of "ULTRA"series Crushing Equipment.
1987 Closed KURE plants and moved to Takasago Works.
1989Technical tie-up with "Scana Staal".

1990  Develops pulverizing Equipment "Kryptron"series.
1990  1990 Starts Sales of "Mobile Crushing Plant".
1992Technical tie-up with "iro Separation".  1992 Started of "ASTRO" Series.
Astro Jaw(1992)
Astro Cone(1993)
Astro Screen(1994)
Astro Lantler(1995)
Astro GS Mill(1998)
1992Technical tie-up with "Holzmag".  
1993 1993 Completes Industrial Machinery Plant in Takasago Works.
OK Mill's Technology has been granted to F.L.Smidth.
1993 Starts Production of "Cybas"series Crushing Equipment.
Starts Production of "Gulliver"series, crushing industrial waste and bulky waste.
1994  Starts sales of "Multi"Series recycling waste paper and plastics.
1996Receives ISO9001certificate  
1997Completed construction of "RPF" test plant in Yachiyo Works. Completed construction of "RPF" test plant in Yachiyo Works.
1998FUKAE POWTEC Co,Ltd. is established. Starts production of "MELEC"seiries, crushing equipment
1999Completes Test facilities for NEDO in Yachiyo Works. Starts Sales of "Eco Sand Recymer", polluted soil improvement plant.
2000Receives ISO9001ISO14001 Certificate.   
2002  Develops Advanced Cone Crusher "High Byrid Cone".
2002  Starts Sales of "Multi MAX Sereis", shredder for waste paper and plastics.
20032003 ECO MINING.Ltd. is established as wholly owned subsidiaries.It owns the largeest "RPF" Plant in Japan.   
2003.7EARTHTECHNICA CO.,LTD., a joint venture between Kobe Steel, Ltd. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. for Crushing, Grinding and Recycling technologies, began its operation on July 1, 2003.
2006Head Office is moved Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

2007Gyratory Crusher Technology is grantede to Sandvik
2008.4Became a 100% subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
2009Closed Takasago works and moved to Yachiyo plants.

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