KVM Mill

KVM Mill


Ideal Milling Mechanism
Three large grinding rollers are installed at the same interval, and they are kept at a suitable clearance from the groove of the grinding table. This mechanism attains high grinding efficiency. Moreover, the impact brought about by foreign materials is absorbed by springs or accumulators and thus noiseless operation is made possible.
Minimal wear at the grinding part
Special material, of superior wear-resistance, originally made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries is applied to the grinding part (rollers and grinding table). Near the center of the table where compression grinding is carried out, the relative slippage between the grinding roller and the grinding table is small and the peripheral speeds of them are comparatively low. Accordingly, raw material is caught securely and the material unit of wear is reduced.
High grinding efficiency and low electric power consumption
The grinding area per unit time is large, and the raw material crushing capacity is favorable. High grinding efficiency is therefore achieved, and the amount of coarse particles circulating in the mill is reduced which consequently lower the power consumption.
Easy adjustment of particle size
The adjustment of the particle size can be completed easily, in the case of a Coarse type separator, by adjusting the opening of the classification vanes, and in the case of a fine type separator, by changing the rotation speed of the separator. The separator efficiency is very high and superior product can be produced at low operation cost.
Automatic Operation
Due to the instrumentation system that controls the differential pressure of the mill inlet and outlet, the air volume and the temperature of the gas automatic operation is possible.
Easy Maintenance
The structure of the mill makes maintenance easy. The grinding rollers can be swing out from the casing and can be replaced outside of the mill casing. And the grinding table liners are bolt fitting.