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EARTHTECHNICA is member of the Kawasaki group born in 2003 by integrating crushers and environmental equipment businesses of both Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Kobe Steel.

Taking full advantage of our promising technologies for "CRUSHING, GRINDING AND SEPARATION", we are developing four business areas consisting of Crushing & Grinning, Recycling, Powder processing and Casting products globally. Through the development of unique and advanced technologies, we will continue to offer new values and solutions to contribute to a sustainable society and industries.


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SHOKUSENKI, converting plant waste into useful compost or soil conditioner!
Earthtechnica 'Primary Gyratory Crusher'
Earthtechnica new Cone Crusher 'ZI-CONE'
Earthtechnica 'ZI-1200' Cone Crusher operating in Thailand - Mv. No.1 -
 'MULTI ROTOR ZERO', compact and single rotor shredder for various material