Powder Processing

High Speed Mixers

High versatility and productivity only available from Fukae Powtech High Speed Mixers

High Speed Mixers have been developed based on our years of experience and accomplishments. Designed and manufactured incorporating various mechanisms only made available by our extensive and deep knowledge of all properties of granular solids, these multifunctional versatile mixers provide both energy efficiency and high productivity.

High Speed Mixers


Dry mixing completes in a short time of two minutes. The agitator blades rotate to apply centrifugal force and upward thrust to granular solids. Then, the granular solids are forced into repetitive agitation while rolling up and down the shell-like curved surface of the vessel’s inner wall. The unique rotation of the chopper blades disperses small quantities of raw material grains evenly to ensure homogeneous mixing.
Spherical granule production
With fine adjustments of the rotational speed of the agitator blades, wet granulated product can be reshaped into spherical granules. Moreover, replacement of the three-bladed agitator with the disc plate allows higher degrees of spheroidization of product granules.
The shear, tensile, compressive forces generated by the agitator blades and the chopper blades are intensified by mixing so that kneading completes in a matter of short time. Our mixers allow easy discharge of kneaded products.
Granule production
Parameters, such as the rotational speed and operation time of the agitator, those of the chopper, the amount and timing of liquid binder feed, the jacket temperature, and the cooling time, are optimally combined to ensure stable production of granule products. The size or type of the product can be changed easily by adjusting the abovementioned parameters as appropriate for fine sized, medium sized granulation, or melt granulation.
The mixer blows hot air into the vessel to aerate and dry the product particles inside. The hot air, in synergy with the heat from the heating jacket, allows efficient drying of the product particles. The agitator blades and the chopper blades are optimally rotated to ensure uniform drying and pulverization of diverse materials including difficult moisture rich caked or slurry materials.
The range of applications includes multilayer coating, film coating, and masking coating. The coating film thickness can be adjusted as desired. Currently, R & D efforts are in progress toward practical application of fine particle coating.


Model Total capacity (lit) Motor power (kW) Approx. weight (kgf)
Agitator Chopper
LFS-2 2 0.4 0.2 80
FS-10 11 1.5 0.75 300
FS-25 25 2.2、3.7 1.5 500
FS-40 42 3.7、5.5 1.5、2.2 700
FS-65 68 5.5 2.2 900
FS-100 118 7.5 3.7 1,300
FS-200 245 11、15 5.5、7.5 2,000
FS-400 455 15、22 7.5 3,000
FS-600 665 22、30 11 4,000
FS-800 856 30、37 15 5,000
FS-1000 1,050 37、45 15、22 5,500
FS-1300 1,320 45、55 22 6,000
FS-1600 1,630 55 22、30 7,500
FS-2000 2,000 55 30 8,500
FS-2500 2,500 55、75 30、37 10,000
FS-3500 3,500 75、90 37、45 12,000