Waste Plastics and Waste Paper are Re-created into Solid Fuel

This system changes waste plastics and waste paper into an alternative fuel to fossil fuels such as fine powdered coal and heavy oils without their being discarded, thereby contributing to protecting our resources and reducing CO2. This system efficiently processes raw materials such as film, sheets and roll shapes that have a low specific gravity and are difficult to process, and it manufactures solid fuel RPF with characteristics suitable for fuel.
RPF is an initialism of Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel This is a solid fuel mainly based on waste plastics and waste paper. The quality and characteristics as a fuel are excellent because manufacturing is implemented by limiting the raw materials.



Simple Processes
A group of multi-series systems developed for the processing soft waste plastics and waste paper builds a simple process and manufactures excellent RPF.
Also generates RPF from large raw materials
On system crushes up to sizes that can be used to generate RPF even using large raw materials, thanks to the multirotor that is equipped with a large hopper.
Fuel Characteristics of RPF
Raw Material CompositionWaste Plastics and Waste Paper
Low Calorific Value6,000-10,000 kcal/kg (adjustable by mixing ratio of raw materials)
Product Size96 - 420x10 - 40mml
Product Specific Gravity0.3 - 0.6 t/m3
  • Note1. Fuel varies depending on the loaded raw material characteristics.
  • Note2. If it contains much foreign matter, chlorine, or moisture that is inappropriate for fuel, a pre-processing (sorting) device is required as an option.
Excellent Product Characteristics as a Fuel
Manufactures high-quality fuel, with excellent handling because it molds and solidifies bulky waste plastics and waste paper having a low specific gravity into a specific gravity is small and suitable for use as a fuel. Molds up to ø 6 mm so it can be used as an alternative to blown fuel that utilizes an empty delivery system.
Adjusts Fuel Calorific Values
You can adjust the calorific value of the product by adjusting the mixing ratio of waste plastics and waste paper.


Processicng Capacity (t/h) Crusher Model *Multi Rotor Peletizer Model *Multi Press Installation Space W x L x H (m)
0.5 MRZ 37 MPV 600K 7 x 23 x 8
1.0 MR 6-24 MPV 1600K 7 x 24 x 8
2.0 MR 7-32 MPV 2400K 8 x 30 x 10
4.0 MR 8-48 MPV 2400K x 2 pcs 8 x 40 x 10
5.0 MR 9-48 MPV 3000K x 2 pcs 10 x 45 x 12
  • Note1. Processing capacity indicates a product size of Φ8mm. Note that processing capacity caries depending on the raw material characteristics such as raw material moisture and its components.
  • Note2. The installation space is a reference space when the product is piled.