Horizontal Shredder, significantly improved maintainability thanks to rotary lift structure.

SH-CDB Shredder is the latest series of EarthTechnica's impact and shear crushers. Tried and tested in steel chip processing, this system satisfies user expectations by including various benefits, such as energy conservation and maintenance, and the like.



  • Implements stable operation with a fixed amount of supply using the roll feeder.
  • The adjustable ceiling grate allows adjustment of the product bulk specific gravity.
  • Enables both mass processing and high quality with a block hammer that boasts exceptional crushing properties.
  • Hard-facing repairs of the rotor surface are not required because of the rotor liner method.
  • The rotor lifter generates power when the overload is stopped and when replacing the grate.
  • The hydraulic-hammer pin pulling system also makes it easy to replace the hammer.
  • Uses wear-resistant, low-damage, and long-life parts made by EarthTechnica Co., Ltd.


Model Capacity (tph) Motor (kw)
SH 5-200 CDB 20 - 40 900 - 1000
SH 6-250 CDB 25 - 55 1000 - 1500
SH 7-260 CDB 35 - 80 1500 - 2600
SH 8-300 CDB 45 - 130 2600 - 4100
  • Note1. Processing capacity represents processing discarded scrap vehicles with the pre-shredder or the like for preliminary crushing.
  • Note2. This is calculated based on shredder input, but it will vary depending on the characteristics of the processing material and the degree of crushed granularity.the plate thickness, weight, bulk specific gravity and others.