Tough Construction and Overwhelming Torque Produce Optimal Shredded Raw Materials

Implements rough crushing and crushing as a pre-treatment machine for shredders. High-density materials such as press materials can also be lightly crushed. By rough-crushing and crushing large and high-density processing materials, this generates uniform raw materials for the shredder. This offers you the excellent effects of increased processing capacity of shredding and compactness. It also conserves energy, and further suppressing the danger of explosion.



  • The three-axis structure effectively enables the tearing of sealed containers such as fuel tanks or the like, which helps to reduce the changes of explosions in the shredder.
  • Crushes up to one discarded vehicle body.
  • The hydraulic-drive method combines high torque with a light load on the machine. Also, the overload detection and the forward and reverse operations are automatically controlled by a sequencer, so no operator is required.
  • Adopts a special cast steel rotating blade, which is maintenance-free for a long period of time. The three-axis system finely crushes particles and generates power for the processing of raw materials for the production and disposal system.
  • All lubricating of the bearings and drive parts is automatic, making maintenance easy.


Model Capacity (tph) Motor (kw)
ETP 31 20 - 30 190 - 350
ETP 32 30 - 40 350 - 600
  • Note1. Processing Capacity varies depeding on the shapes of the loaded materials, the plate thickness, weight, bulk specific gravity and others.