Outstanding Processing Volumes, A-press Crushed without Problems

Implements rough crushing as a pre-treatment machine for shredders. Its scale allows you to crush an entire discarded vehicle body and toughness allows you to crush high-density materials such as soft presses and A-presses and others. Particularly, the inversion operation for the A-press, efficiently breaks up raw materials and reduces the load on the shredder. Fully automated thanks to a unique sequence that responded to user needs.



  • Secure crushing using a high-torque hydraulic motor. The system is equipped with a high-torque hydraulic motor for a powerful crushing force on presses. Also, the crushing effect of the inversion operation also reduces the load on the shredder.
  • Automatic Operation Sequence, The load state is detected and the forward and reverse operations are automatically controlled by a sequencer. The system also automatically detects and alerts the operator if materials that are difficult to crush have been loaded. Also, the bridge at the loading port also has a sequence that automatically cancels, thereby reducing the workload.
  • Automatic Lubricating Mechanism, The automatic lubricating unit makes greasing of the main body gear unit and the bearing unit easy to maintain.
  • Long-life Wear Parts, The crushing blades and fixed blades have long life. They adopt a tough, special cast steel and special abrasion-resistant steel plates, so they have long life, conserving on maintenance.
  • Also Compatible with Dice Presses, Adopts a unique sequence equips a mode that is smaller than conventional presses and allows a tough dice press to crush efficiently by reducing the number of inversions. Mode switching is easy.


Model Capacity (tph) Motor (kw)
ETP 21 20 - 50 150 - 300
ETP 22 30 - 100 350 - 700
  • Note1. Processing Capacity varies depeding on the shapes of the loaded materials, the plate thickness, weight, bulk specific gravity and others.