Vertical Shredder, Supports a variety of raw materials, and double-rotation system saves on maintenance.

This vertical type shredder supports a variety of raw materials including rough waste and home appliances. Adopts the double-rotating type, thereby reducing the workload of troublesome parts replacement. The large loading port allows you to crush long objects and large materials to crush without difficulty. The push-in system also unnecessary and the design is simple because they crush using a natural fall. The system is equipped with a granularity adjustment feature, so they system can crush to your desired size.



Conserves on maintenance through the double-rotating rotors
The complicated work of replacing parts on the vertical shredder is reduced thanks to the dual-rotating rotor. Switches simply by flipping a switch.
The ring hammer can be replaced through the inspection door, and can be implemented safely and in a short amount of time.
No pushing system is required at the large loading port
Enables raw materials to be loaded through a natural fall, so no pushing system is required. Also, long objects and bulk materials can be processed without difficulty.
Reliable bearing control with the forced lubrication method
Adopts a forced lubrication method for the lower bearing ensuring reliable bearing control. Detects low lubrication, so the system has a safe design that prevents concern about running low on lubrication, and offers stable operation.
High-quality Crushing Products
Metal products with a high-bulk specific gravity are obtained from crushed products. Particularly, ironware is moderately rounded and highly separable from foreign materials.
Granularity Adjustment Mechanism
Includes a granularity adjustment feature; can be set to your desired crushing granularity.
Explosion Countermeasures
During the rotation of the rotor, the inside of the machine is forcibly exhausted, so the structure does not allow flammable gas to build up. By installing a camera near the loading port, you can monitor the operating conditions inside the system at all times, providing you peace of mind.
High-efficiency operation with inverter drive (optional)
Efficient operation is possible using the of inverter drive. Allows control of rotational speed according to the raw materials, making this ideal for processing multiple varieties types of materials.


Model Capacity (tph) Motor (kw)
EVS 200 3 - 6 75 - 150
EVS 300 4 - 10 132 - 220
  • Note1. Processing Capacity varies depeding on the shapes of the loaded materials, the plate thickness, weight, bulk specific gravity and others.