Environmental Policy

EARTHTECHNICA Yachiyo Works is a factory that produces machinery products such as crushing machines, crushers, classifiers, system products using them, and special castings for wear and heat resistance. In the provision of production activities, products, and services at our plant, in accordance with our management policy, we will work as follows to create a prosperous and beautiful future society while harmonizing with the global environment as well as environmental conservation in factories and regions.

  • 1. Environmental conservation initiatives are regarded as one of the most important management issues, and all employees participate in the activities.
  • 2. In order to continuously and effectively implement environmental conservation activities, we will establish and maintain an environmental management system, establish environmental objectives and environmental goals, evaluate and review them regularly, and strive to continuously improve and prevent pollution to the extent that is economically and technically possible through evaluation of activity performance.
  • 3. We strive to continuously improve products, products, and services that may affect the environment. We will take the following priority.
    • 1) We will promote the reduction of resource usage.
    • 2) We will promote energy conservation activities.
    • 3) We will work to reduce waste.
    • 4) To suppress the occurrence of environmental pollutants.
    • 5) For products, we will create a mechanism to reduce the environmental impact and work to improve it.
    • 6) Contribute to global environmental conservation by developing environmental conservation products and providing them to society.
  • 4. Recognizing corporate social responsibility, we will comply with various laws and regulations and regulations related to environmental conservation, as well as other requirements agreed by the Yachiyo Works, and strive to maintain a healthy and comfortable local environment by maintaining trust with local communities in the vicinity.
  • 5. In order to continuously and effectively function environmental conservation activities, we will make all employees and employees of our partner companies aware of the importance of environmental policies and environmental conservation through environmental education and in-house public relations activities, and strive to improve manners with consideration for the environment and the environment. In addition, we communicate environmental policies to our main business partners, ask for understanding and cooperation, and strive for environmental improvement activities.
  • 6. This environmental policy is made available to the general public.